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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Full frontal nudity!
It’s a lovely day out here in Lotus land, sunny, but not yet too hot to be comfortable. Lomu, my furry alarm clock, got me up to let her out onto the porch so she could chitter at the passing birds so tantalisingly out of reach… bloody birds, all that chirping and birdsong can get quite loud! I can hardly hear the traffic noise and the leaf blowers. Me, I did my yoga and Tia-chi. What’s that I hear you say? What’s that fat, cynical bastard (me) doing yoga and Tia-chi for? Has he become a new age, a herbal-hippy-piss-water-tea drinking sandal wearing pot-headed mush brain crystal gazing, tree-hugging… hippy? No! No I say! Okay, I do wear sandals occasionally but that is fir strictly medicinal reasons. No, I took up yoga and Tia-chi for very good reasons, mostly I was afraid that if I didn’t do something to limber up I was going to become so stiff and inflexible that I wouldn’t be able to bend down to tie my boots. And Tia-chi? Well, I thought it would help me improve my balance and the fact that it is indeed a martial art that might come in useful against violent a-holes (such as one of my neighbours numerous threats to stuff various objects up my posterior for crimes against humanity like sweeping with a broom or using a stapling machine… for a obvious homophobe he is obsessed by the subject of my ass) that are usually put off by my impressive size and nasty glower, but one cannot depend on a bold front forever. I don’t get into the mumbo-jumbo, charkas and chi, but I still think the exercises and meditation are of value stripped of their spiritual baggage. And the meditation is nice, I could use a bit of peace of mind, I like the breath work particularly. So, a few months ago I started taping yoga and Tia-chi programs off the Multi-cultural channel, which incidentally completes my world by showing South Park at night. I used to tape two yoga programs but I gave up on the “yoga-for-jocks-and-circus-freaks” as it was too tough on the knees, with my girth there’s many of these things I cannot do but I try my best. Same for Tia-chi, Helen Liang may make kicking over your own head look easy but I’m not there quite yet… but I’ve got a mean “push hands”. I do one yoga and two programs of Tia-chi, 24 and 48 form, usually several times a week when I’m at home. Oh yes, I also do it in the nude… hahahahhaha! Suckers! Try to get that image out of your head!
Oh, a couple things, I haven’t yet mentioned that my web site has moved too:
I’d like to thank Erez Segal who has kindly lent me some space for my web site, Upton’s Universe and also helped me to get this here blog up and running. I’d also like to thank Donna Barr and her web guy Eric Schnieder for hosting my web site up to this point and thanks also to Hanspeter Kriegl over there in Graz, Austria for designing my original web site with me, he did all the difficult technical stuff. I’d also like to thank Alex Boswell for helping me with the repairs to the web site which are still ongoing… I think that’s everyone…


At 3:43 a.m., Blogger Michael Netzer said...

Well, your Yoga and Chi excercises in the nude actually evoke a rather striking image in one's imagination, which I'm certain is worthy of a piece of art from you that we would all like to see on this blog as soon as possibly possible.

Congrattlations on the wonderful new web site and charming blog, Upotn. Very nicely done indeed.

At 5:10 p.m., Blogger Bryan said...

Colin, fun blog!

I checked out your website and a few links (like the order form) don't work.

Do you have a list of recent minis and a current address that we could hype on Sequential?


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