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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I’m not sure I should be blogging in my condition, I’m not drunk or stoned or anything, I’m just burnt out… sometime in the last week or so I entered a state of pure comics consciousness, I became one with the universal spirit of comics storytelling… see what happens when you dabble in yoga? That is to say, I’ve been working my ass off getting my shit together for Word Under The Street this coming Sunday. I figured a couple weeks ago to do what I had planned I had to work flat out solid for the whole fortnight but such is my fear of missing deadlines it’s just about done, barring accidents (knock on cat, cat sighs) I’ll be picking up copies tomorrow, cutting, collating, folding and stapling and I’m done… viola! Nine friggin’ new self-published publications for the publics pleasure for Sunday, 6 new mini-’s , one mini collection of con sketches and 2 big (8 1/2 X 11) collections of stories from anthologies I’ve contributed too over the years. Is Word Under The Street worth all the effort? Probably not, I’m hoping to recover my costs (lots of money spent on photocopying) so I can buy some food afterwards, cupboards nearly bare. But it’s one of only two chances I’ve got in a year to (the other being Canzine West in October) get out there and remind people I’m still alive, still drawing and I’ve still got a passion for comics. It’s been fun.

If that wasn’t enough I at the same time I filled out an application for a Canada Council Grant! Once I realised the deadline was October 1st I had to do it fast. I had inquired about a grant for graphic novels months ago and was assured several times that such a thing did not exist, graphic novels were not literature, no, sorry. Then I get a message there IS a grant for graphic novels, so sorry! Better late than never. The thing is, you gotta understand, I hate paperwork. It not that it’s tedious or dull, it causes me to panic and break out into a cold sweat! Reading these things makes my head swim, I can’t focus. What if I fill out something wrong? Do they rate you for spelling and punctuation? What to I say that would impress someone who is fluent in artspeak, knows French literary theory (there’s a special place in Hell for French literary theorists!) and goes ga-ga for metaphors? Do I have a chance at all? So many things could go wrong! I really wish somebody else would do this for me! But I did it, hands shaking, fighting down the panic. I just tried to be honest and clear about what I wanted to do, maybe I’ll get in as some sort of outsider artist… that’s still big, right? Today I slipped some final copies into an envelope in a Thai restaurant, although my stomach was still acting up. I went to “Hellsgate” Mall and handed it to the mail clerk at the Shoppers Drug Mart postal outlet. She filed it in a draw with a casual speed that rather hurt me considering how much effort I put into it. But I’m just glad it’s done, out of my hands. We’ll see in about 20 weeks if I’m successful. Wish me luck.
And everyone who can, come to Vancouver for The Word On The Street and buy my comics! I’m counting on you! Besides, it’s a great event anyway, lots of discounted books and don’t let the family-orientated TV ads fool you, there’s us nasty folks downstairs at Word Under The Street to fill you with delightful adult content! Why, there’s Robin Bougie with his Cinema Sewers and it’s not a sewing mag, ladies! Look, comics despondent correspondent Joe Sacco himself will be there! C’mon, all you folks in Seattle, rent a car, come up! It’ll be fun!


At 7:55 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could. Maybe I'll float the idea to my pals. But I've tapped out all my chums with cars, getting them to drive me here and there too many times to impose again .. Well, we'll see. I hope you get that grant. I hope they deliver the grant money in a big bag with a dollar sign stencilled on the side (a Canadian dollar sign, of course) ..


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