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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here's a couple odd images I found on the web. The first is from the tour diary of one of the Soft Boys on thier reunion tour. The Soft Boys were a strange bunch, they were a neo pscycodelic band when England was being ravaged by punk rock. It was this band that launched Robin Hitchcock's long career and to see them back together and playing live was unimaginable until it happened! That's me, the large object on the right in a photo taken from the stage by one of the band members!

This is my "Grudge" model from the opening of Jim Ramseys show I talked about earlier. I treated my "Grudge" more as a model as opposed to an fine art piece. I made it into a Canadian Army Postal van on the Italian Front in WW2. It was fun to do but I wish I'd taken another crack at the "sten" gun clipped to the side, as it is just too big!


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