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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Reformatted Mini-comics Collections!
Because of the sheer volume of self-published mini-comics I have produced over the years (over 100 self-published titles I figure, not all remain in print) I’ve divided the mini-comics collection into two parts. First is the “Colin Upton’s Mini-comic Classic Collection” the mini-comics I published in the 1980’s as a struggling cartoonist before my first comic book series, Big Thing, in 1990. Including “Socialist Turtle“, “Happy Ned” the homicidal Christian, “Self-Indulgent Comics” and many, many others! 67 mini-comics and digests only $25!

The second is “Colin Upton’s Nova New Nuevo Mini-comics Collection” which are the mini-comics I began publishing around 2000 after my other comic book series "Buddha On The Road, was cancelled and I returned to small press publishing. The package will be updated over time as new mini’s come out, presently it has 23 mini-comics including “Shitman”, “Samurai Clown”, the “9-11” series and “Motherfuckers”.

As I don't have Pay-pal I do accept cheques or money orders, send too:

Colin Upton
#223 440 East5th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.
V5T-1N5 Canada

Please include an age statement and 20% postage!


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